Fort Frye Middle School is made up of students in grades 6 through 8 of the Fort Frye Local School district. It is the goal of the administration, faculty, and staff to create a positive learning environment for all students that provide opportunities for them to reach their full academic potential. We set high expectations for our students and encourage each individual to develop lifelong skills and the knowledge they need to become productive citizens in our nation.

Our expectations are represented by our school motto - “Cadet PROUD!” In this case, PROUD is an acronym where each letter represents traits for students to identify with in how they conduct themselves in both school and the outside world:

  • Prepared- Students are prepared for success. They take the necessary steps to be ready for the challenges they may face; be it in academics, extracurriculars, or as a citizen of our nation.

  • Respectful- Students respect themselves and others. They conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with how they want to be treated and are mindful of the needs of others.

  • Ownership- Students understand that they are responsible for their actions and words.

  • Upstanding- Students will be an upstanding member of their school and community demonstrating honesty and strong morals.

  • Determined- Students will possess a strong desire to achieve their goals; be it in academics, extracurriculars, or as a citizen of our nation.

Students who possess these traits will be in an excellent position for success and be able to set excellent goals, and work with faculty, staff and other students to achieve those goals. This contributes to an academic environment that is rigorous, engaging, and responsive to the needs of learners in the 21st century.

The five traits that make up Cadet PROUD are what govern Fort Frye Middle School’s approach to education and school climate. While rules are important, it is imperative that students focus on what they can do that is positive and can positively impact their own lives and the lives of those around them. Students who actively work toward embodying these traits will be successful in not only their academic careers, but their lives outside of school as well.

Throughout the school building there are “Cadet PROUD” signs that give examples of how each of those traits can be demonstrated in a particular context. Students are encouraged to always look for ways to demonstrate these characteristics. As part of our implementation of PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports), administration, faculty and staff will regularly recognize students who have exemplified these traits through their words and actions.